Tyson Kidd was the final graduate from the now infamous Hart dungeon and he was by far one of the most charismatic characters of the current generation.

He was one of the most underused and under utilised talents in WWE currently and finally when it seemed that he was about to be given the recognition he deserved, the rug was ripped up from under him.

Tyson’s injury was caused during a dark match with Samoa Joe back in 2015 when a freak landing from a Joe’s signature Muscle Buster caused him to suffer a neck injury that not only required surgery, but has kept him out of action ever since.

The former Tag Team Champion has since appeared on many episodes of Total Divas and remained upbeat about his rehabilitation and eventual ring return, but it seems that that could all be set to change.

One of Kidd’s closest friends and family members Teddy Hart recently appeared on the Wrestling Inc Live show and he talked about Kidd’s current position and how much he has progressed since he was last shown in public.

He stated that Kidd was suffering from anxiety because he is now fully aware that any kind of accident be it a slip or a trip could actually jar his neck and leave him with problems for the rest of his life.

He also stated that he didn’t know what Kidd was recovering for, if he was afraid of slipping or a car hitting him whilst he was driving at 20 mph then how could he ever set foot in a wrestling ring knowing that one bad bump could not only end his career but cause irreparable damage to his body.

Kidd has been out injured since early last year and WWE have failed to give an update on the future of their former Champion but since his former tag team partner is currently set to fight for the Money in the Bank briefcase on Sunday night, there obviously aren’t any current plans set for a return.

Kidd was overlooked a lot during his early WWE career and despite the fact that he was both trained by and married into one of the most famous wrestling families in the world, Tyson worked his way up into WWE from the bottom. First he was a part of The Hart Dynasty before he attempted to make a run as a singles competitor but instead ended up down in NXT.

WWE seemingly struck gold when they decided to pair together both Tyson Kidd and Cesaro with Natalya in toe, the duo were destined for greatness so it came as no surprise that they captured the Tag Team Championships last year before defending them at WrestleMania.

Kidd’s injury came at the worst possible time as it looked as though WWE were finally taking him seriously as a contender. Kidd was the perfect combination of a skilled wrestler and an equally skilled character.

He oozed confidence and he had the ability to always put on a five star match, this was one of the main reasons that Cesaro clicked so well with him.

It hasn’t been officially announced yet by any of Kidd’s family or even WWE that Tyson is definitely off WWE’s radar for good, but this latest update must leave the future looking slightly bleak for a star who is just 35 years old.

It took WWE so long to realise his potential that when they finally did he was hit by tragedy. Whenever Kidd has been shown on Total Divas in his home environment he always come across as a man who is in love with the wrestling business even when he’s away from it.

Kidd lives and breathes wrestling so it is hard to see a man with his grit and determination giving up without a fight. Even if Kidd can no longer fight in a WWE ring then the hope is that somehow WWE will find a way for him to still be a part of the company he idolises and that he has always intended to be a part of.

The hope now is that this update is wrong and that Kidd will one day lace up a pair of wrestling boots again, but if he doesn’t then hopefully Cesaro will receive the recognition he deserves in the near future in the name of his good friend.