Woken Matt Hardy has become very familiar to the WWE Universe over the last few months, but there are still several members of House Hardy who WWE fans don’t know as well.

One member of House Hardy who was referenced on Raw this week is Lord Wolfgang, Matt and Reby Hardy’s youngest son.

Michael Cole mentioned Wolfie on Monday night during Raw, and he referred to him as a “bald-headed kid.”

Fans brought these comments to the attention of Reby Hardy, and she confirmed that plans to silence the “OBSOLETE MULE” known as Michael Cole are already in motion.

A few months ago Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks announced plans to finance an independent wrestling event with the goal of selling 10,000 tickets, and on Sunday tickets officially went on sale.

Fans wasted no time showing their support for the event, as it sold out in short time.

Walking your own path in the professional wrestling business is something that Paul Heyman knows a thing or two about, and he took to Twitter to congratulate The Bucks and Cody Rhodes on going through with their vision for All In.