finn balor

Finn Balor has been held back by injuries for the past nine months. He lost seven of them to his shoulder injury, but his recent concussion shortly after his WWE return has caused a lot of people to question his future as a top guy. Many people are wondering if he’s injury prone.

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WWE officials may be hesitant about putting a championship on him again until he’s able to wrestle for a few months without injury. However, he’s recovering from the concussion he suffered last week. Despite the injury, he wrestled a match against Curt Hawkins after Hawkins issued an open challenge on Raw.

Many people were surprised because they thought he was injured, but the match was really short, and Balor didn’t take any bumps. It’s being reported by the Wrestling Observer that the reason why is WWE officials weren’t sure that Finn would pass his concussion testing.

The logic behind the booking was if Balor didn’t pass the tests, then WWE officials would not be forced to make major changes to the show. The powers that be are trying to keep him on television, but they are trying to ensure he can wrestle before giving him real-time on Raw.