brock lesnar

It’s no big secret that Brock Lesnar isn’t interested in working a full time schedule. Brock isn’t the type of performer who is going to show up on TV every week. It’s been a while since fans have seen Brock Lesnar wrestle, that’s for sure, as he’s the current WWE Universal Champion, and Sunday night he’s set to defend the belt for the first time since he won it at WrestleMania back in April.

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There are plenty of stars on the WWE roster who do work for the company full time, and they spend many hours traveling so they can do what they do best inside the squared circle. Brock’s part time status is always a hot topic, and Randy Orton decided to have a little fun by referencing Brock’s status on Twitter.

Orton retweeted a post from the always hilarious @WWECreative_ish Twitter account saying that WWE 2K18 is so realistic it will only allow fans to play as Brock Lesnar five times a year.

That’s a pretty savage burn, but in all likelihood Orton was probably just trying to have a little fun by retweeting the post. As we all know, he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

After WCW went under, Eric Bischoff took some time off and then joined WWE when he became the General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

During his run as GM, we were introduced to a character named Eugene who was Bischoff’s kayfabe nephew. The man behind Eugene, Nick Dinsmore, and Eric Bischoff recently reunited, and Dinsmore shared the following photo of the happy reunion: