Bully Ray is certainly no stranger to controversy, and the WWE Hall of Famer has become a hot topic over the last few days after a fan took to Twitter to claim that Bully tried to intimidate him backstage at a ROH event.

The fan said that he was taken backstage after he exchanged words with Velvet Sky, Angelina Love and Mandy Leon at the event, and also claimed that Mandy Leon spit on him at one point.

Bully Ray issued a statement of his own after the fan’s story started making the rounds.

Bully claimed that he could not have been any nicer to the fan, and that the fan’s version of the events that took place were embellished to make said fan look like a victim.

He went on to say that other fans who attended the event have confirmed that the fan who had the exchange with Allure “crossed the line.”

Bully added that he lives by the motto, “Respectful fans always get what they want…Rude fans always get what they deserve.”

Apparently Bully’s motto resonated with Randy Orton, as he reacted to the statement by posting the quote along with a clapping hands emoji.

“‘Respectful fans always get what they want, rude fans always get what they deserve’ -@bullyray5150 6/3/19 👏🏼”