At any given time there are usually several WWE Superstars who are sitting on the sidelines due to injury, but it looks like a familiar face could be getting back into the mix sooner than later.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Drew McIntyre is in Las Vegas for tonight’s WWE Draft on SmackDown.

It was announced earlier this week that McIntyre would be included in the Draft Pool for tonight’s SmackDown as opposed the Draft Pool on Raw.

McIntyre is currently a member of the Raw roster.

Drew was also reportedly backstage at SmackDown last week and it was reported that he was ready to return to the ring, but waiting to be cleared.

At this point there’s no word on if he’s been cleared but he underwent surgery to repair a lingering injury following a promotion tour of Mexico.

It’s not clear if he’ll be used tonight but originally it was speculated that he would be kept off TV until the WWE Draft.