Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins got back together before SummerSlam in order to take on Cesaro and Sheamus. The former Shield brothers would soon find themselves holding the Raw Tag Team Titles, but as the old story goes there’s way more fun where that came from.

In recent weeks it appeared Sheamus and Cesaro weren’t done with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. This week after Braun Strowman laid waste to Seth Rollins, The Bar strolled to the ring in order to perform a beatdown on Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose ran down to make the save, but sadly it wasn’t enough to keep The Bar from delivering even more punishment.

The Miz and his Miztourage really rubbed it in Monday night as well when they came down to the ring in the same manner The Hounds Of Justice used to arrive via the crowd. It was a statement which didn’t go unnoticed. Since Roman Reigns took out both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel it looked like he finally had the one-on-one match for the IC Title he wanted.

But in the closing moments of the match when it looked like Roman Reigns was going to wrap it up and become the new IC Champion, Sheamus and Cesaro got involved in the match. They pulled Roman Reigns under the ropes and caused a DQ. But that wasn’t all she wrote in Denver.

The Miz and The Bar continued an assault on Roman Reigns and the end of their assault saw them posing over Roman’s battered form while they did a Shield fist-bump over him. If that wasn’t a clue there was something big on the way, the closing moments of the entire show certainly gave that indication.

Roman was just sitting in the locker room nursing his injuries when Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose approached him. The three shared a moment where they didn’t say anything and then the Raw Tag Team Champions just walked away.

During this week’s episode of Raw something very interesting seemed to leak online. A poster which looks legit enough appeared on social media depicting The Shield on a TLC poster.

The poster is featured below, what do you think? Looks pretty legit to us. If it isn’t real then someone really went all out when the likelihood of a Shield reunion happening anyway is extremely likely.