On Raw this week, Bray Wyatt made a rather shocking revelation. He said Sister Abigail is alive and she wants to meet Finn Balor.

Balor and Wyatt have been going at it for a couple months now and this feud seems to be culminating in one final contest. Rumors are Bray and Finn will be moving onto different programs when this match is over. But in the meantime, it looks like WWE is going to make this last confrontation count.

After all, Sister Abigail was kind of a wild card WWE’s had in their deck for a while and it looks like they’re finally going to play it. It’s been said in the past that Abigail was dead. Her body was supposedly buried underneath the compound Randy Orton set on fire during his program with Wyatt leading into WrestleMania 33. But it looks like WWE might utilize their powers of reincarnation once again.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez hypothesized who could be cast as the mythical Sister Abigail on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Sister Abigail’s gonna do a run in for the finish,” Meltzer speculated. “So I wonder who gets to play the part? Well, Paige is on the way back or they could do somebody from NXT.”

When Bryan Alvarez brought up the fact Paige would do a great job as the mysterious Sister Abigail, Meltzer replied: “Yeah, but she’s also a character everybody knows. What about Nikki Cross?”

Alvarez replied, “could but, but everybody knows she’s Nikki Cross…it feels like it has to be somebody new.”

Meltzer then wondered, “Who’s new? Everybody’s either been in the Mae Young Classic or on TV — I don’t think they have anybody. Like even, there’s nobody new. I would think it would either be somebody like an NXT woman or somebody you already know. It would be better to be somebody new rather than somebody [they’re] recycling.”

Bryan Alvarez brought up the fact whoever is going to be cast as Sister Abigail doesn’t really need to wrestle.

“Then you could just have anyone I guess. So we’ll see. I guess we’ll see Sister Abigail in a couple weeks,” Meltzer replied.

If they put a face to the name of Sister Abigail it could be a bad idea. Then again, some people might love the idea. Let’s just hope WWE thinks more in the long-term sense and realizes if they brand someone new as the mysterious teacher of the Wyatt Family then that’s going to probably be a moniker which will stick with that individual for the remainder of their career.

It’s interesting to note one person they didn’t mention on Wrestling Observer Radio is Sage Beckett.

The former Rosie Lottalove has been kept somewhat under wraps since signing with NXT (except for a match during the Mae Young Classic). She did manage to send out a very interesting tweet during Raw to tease her possible involvement in the angle though.

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