When Roman Reigns came out on Raw and announced to everyone he didn’t care who he had to face at SummerSlam he just wanted a shot at the Universal Champion it really change the landscape of WWE much more than people would initially realize.

First off, WWE exposed the chance of having their scheduled WrestleMania main event at SummerSlam which The Observer points out WWE doesn’t do. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to give away the biggest match of your calendar year at a pay-per-view earlier that year. Even though WWE has done the rematch angle in the past and it’s still not out of the question, it doesn’t seem likely.

The initial plan was for Braun Strowman to win the Ambulance Match against Roman at WWE Great Balls Of Fire and go on to headline SummerSlam against Brock Lesnar. But of course, things could always change in that respect as well.

If Roman Reigns won the Ambulance Match it would put him in a better position to challenge for the Universal Title. But the Big Dog gets with the Big Dog wants and the Big Dog wants a shot at the Universal Championship at SummerSlam no matter what.

John Cena has also thrown his brightly-colored hat into the situation recently and made some comments directed at Roman Reigns. This could very well set up some kind of WrestleMania encounter between the two of them instead.

WWE might have called an audible here by changing the main event at the Show Of Shows and decided to go with Brock vs Roman at The Biggest Party Of The Summer instead. But still, some would say the main event at WrestleMania might be looking like Braun Strowman will be the top babyface in the company holding Raw’s top title high above his head.

Of course, there is always the chance someone in WWE will wake up and realize just how much Samoa Joe has gotten over in the past few weeks and he could be picking up the Universal Title at WWE Great Balls Of Fire. If Jinder Mahal has taught us anything it’s that you never know what to expect from WWE.

Samoa Joe is also a full-time Superstar and the thought might be to get the Universal Championship on a full-time Superstar as quickly as possible in an attempt to help ratings.


  1. […] SummerSlam is in August but it’s still the beginning of July and WWE has two PPVs scheduled in an attempt to properly plan the Biggest Party Of The Summer. Great Balls Of Fire is this Sunday and Battleground is scheduled for the end of July. The Battleground PPV is setting up quite nicely and will feature a Punjabi Prison Match for the WWE Championship. […]