WWE always has different projects in the works. If they’re not putting together a movie, they’re working on a promotional campaign or commercial of some kind. Right now is no exception because WWE is currently in production on a couple things that make us wonder what they’re doing.

First off and probably most intriguing, WWE is currently casting for a young Bray Wyatt. The Observer noted WWE had already hired a young boy for the part too which means this deal is probably close to actually being filmed.

We have no idea why WWE would want to cast a young Bray Wyatt unless it had to do with something extremely creepy. But this news confirms a couple of things: WWE is still filming cool stuff with Bray Wyatt and they aren’t giving up on him at all. Who wants to put a bet down on whether or not Young Bray Wyatt will have a full beard?

It is also reported WWE is working on a new commercial project called “Cena 2.0.” They are currently casting for people between the ages of ten to eighty-years-old who have a story about how John Cena has changed their life or the lives of people around them.

WWE is looking for the most heartwarming, emotional stories possible for this project and is offering up $250 per person. So if you have a story about how your puppy fell down a well and John Cena jumped in our of nowhere and saved little Sir Woofington Of Barkhouser III then you might want to give WWE a call. You’d probably have a better chance landing the gig if you could muster up some tears too.

But in all seriousness, John Cena has done some amazing things and participated in more Make-A-Wishes than anyone else. His positive influence has obviously been felt in enough people’s lives that WWE sees the need to highlight it in a commercial.