Sasha Banks faced Mandy Rose on Raw this week, and after Rose picked up the victory, Absolution got in the ring.

Paige got on the mic and said that it’s been really hard for her to sit on the sidelines watch the action, because due to complications from her neck injury, she can no longer be an in-ring competitor.

She said that this is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, and she thanked all of the ladies of the women’s division for the making the division what it is.

Paige also thanked Daniel Bryan for coming back from a career ending injury, and giving her hope.

She then thanked Edge for showing her that there’s life outside of wrestling, and as much as it hurts her to say it, now she has to go off and do something else.

She thanked WWE and the fans for letting her entertain them for 4 years. She said she won the Divas Championship in New Orleans, and New Orleans is where she wants to retire.

The fans chanted “this is your house” and she thanked the fans, told them she loves them, then said it will always be her house before she walked up the ramp and said goodbye.