shinsuke nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura’s music used to be electric and turn the entire area into some kind of futuristic dance party. Fans all around the world shouted the melody of Nakamura’s theme song at the top of their lungs and they ate up every minute of his rockstar entrance.

The legend goes that Shinsuke Nakamura was initially supposed to receive Bobby Roode’s Glorious theme song instead of the violin-charged song we know and love today. But since Shinsuke Nakamura is no longer a smiling babyface, he needed a theme song to match his new persona.

The important part was to take out the theatrics, lasers, and fun aspect because that’s what people responded to. After all, a heel’s entrance can’t be cooler than the babyface unless you’re talking about Triple H. Since the gaga was removed they landed on turning the rockstar vibe on 11 by including a Japanese rock band singing his song to nix any chance of the crowd singing along like they used to.

But it turns out that there was another plan for this new Japanese rockstar entrance for Shinsuke Nakamura. According to Brad Shepard, Road Dogg apparently wanted to start Nakamura’s new them with him saying, “no speak English.” The idea was reportedly nixed by Triple H because ultimately he can reject just about anything as long as it’s not coming from Vince McMahon and even then he can debate it if he wants to.

But Nakamura’s “no speak English” just became his catchphrase and not something they included as part of his theme song. But if you want to be honest, including that phrase before his theme song would not only have created a tie-in to his character but also amplified the fact his theme song is in Japanese.

But regardless of whether or not you think it sounded like a good idea, this is just another example of something that never saw the light of day in WWE for one reason or another.