big cass

Big Cass recently made his return to TV, and he immediately went after Daniel Bryan. Cass lost his match against Daniel Bryan at Backlash, but in the weeks leading up to their in-ring confrontation Cass taunted the former SmackDown Live General Manager and tried to get under his skin.

Last week on SmackDown, Big Cass called out Daniel Bryan, but instead of the real Bryan appearing, a little person dressed as Bryan made his way down to the ring, and that’s when things went off the rails.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Big Cass was only supposed to hit the little person with one big boot, but he went off script.

Big Cass reportedly asked if he could continue the beatdown, but his request was denied by WWE officials. After his request was denied, he took his idea to Vince McMahon, and Vince also shot it down.

Cass then went against what he was told and delivered some punches to the little person after hitting him with a big boot.

WWE officials were very unhappy with his actions, and it’s being said that Big Cass is now in hot water.

Cass later lost to Daniel Bryan at Backlash and didn’t appear on SmackDown Live this week, but there’s no word on whether or not that was the plan prior to him going off script.

It’s interesting to note that the version of the segment WWE uploaded to YouTube does not include the punches, but you can check out the original unedited version of the beatdown in the video below.