When NXT superstars are called up to the main roster, they are often repackaged and given new gimmicks that the creative team think will work in front of a new audience.

This was the case a few years ago when former NXT Champion Neville was promoted after a lengthy spell as part of the developmental brand.

There were a number of rumors about Neville’s character when he was promoted to the main roster, which included a “Mighty Mouse” gimmick. Vince McMahon was thought to be the mastermind behind this as Neville looked to become a cringe-worthy version of a superhero.

James McKenna from Pro Wrestling Sheet recently revealed an image of Neville that had evidentally been hidden from the public throughout his last few years on the main roster, but it shows that WWE would have turned the talented former NXT Champion into a joke.

Thankfully, this gimmick never saw the light of day and one of the highlights of Neville’s main roster run was his lengthy Cruiserweight Championship reign that started at the Royal Rumble earlier this year.

Neville’s immediate future is still unknown since he walked away from the company following No Mercy back in September after he dropped his championship to Enzo Amore, but it is hoped that the British star will be returning to WWE sometime soon to continue his work on the 205 Live brand.