You never know what can happen at an NXT house show. After all, you’re already going to be seeing a great show featuring the future of WWE so a familiar face from WWE’s present might show always up as well.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder recently surprised fans by showing up at an NXT house show bringing The Revival back to NXT for one-night-only.

But the fans in Jacksonville got another shock when Tyler Breeze took on Marcel Barthel in the main event of the show.

As you can see here Prince Pretty received an outstanding welcome home. But he’s not likely going to stick around for long because Tyler still has towns to make on the main roster as part of Breezango.

There are plenty of options of how WWE can book WrestleMania 35. The build-up for WrestleMania 34 was pretty incredible and you can relive it all here  But with so many Superstars fighting to make a name for themselves and get a chance to show what the can do on the Grandest Stage Of Them All next year, it’s never too early to start.

Finn Balor recently started a ton of buzz when he posted a fan-made poster for next year’s Show of Shows. It looks like he could already have a WrestleMania opponent in mind and if they can pull it off there wouldn’t be too many people complaining.

The first-ever WWE Universal Champion recently posted a picture of himself facing Daniel Bryan with the Mania 35 logo behind them. In the post, Finn said “yes, please” which is a sentiment I can totally agree with.

Although they’re on different television shows and it might not be possible at this point, picture this: Somehow Daniel Bryan or Finn Balor ends up with their Brand’s top title around January and the other guy wins the Royal Rumble. If either Daniel Bryan or Finn Balor actually won a Royal Rumble match it would be epic but that might be nothing compared to the pop they would get when a WrestleMania challenge is then laid down across WWE brand lines.

So there you go, it’s not too hard to believe D-Bry could face Balor at this point. The only question is whether WWE will actually do it or if they will have other plans. Hopefully, whatever they book will be good because it might be hard to top this dream match.

YES, please… #finnart by swiftfades

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