NXT lost a great thing when SAnitY was called up to SmackDown Live. But the stable did everything they needed to and had little left to prove in NXT. So the Superstar Shake-Up saw the addition of Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe without Nikki Cross because she still had things to accomplish in NXT.

But it’s been weeks and apart from a brief promo package hyping SAnitY’s eventual debut of the trio, they haven’t been seen at all. But there could be a very good reason for this.

WWE likes to bring people up in bursts from NXT excluding a rare debut out of nowhere but that is usually a special deal. The Raw and SmackDown Live after WrestleMania is a great time to bring people up from NXT and if they don’t add Superstars there WWE can always opt to use a Superstar Shake-Up later on.

But when you have so many Superstars debuting at once sometimes it’s hard to give them the attention they need to really grow as characters on WWE’s big stage. It’s been rather difficult to introduce so many people on the roster so far and SAnitY has a huge story to tell.

Bryan Alvarez was asked where SAnitY is during Wrestling Observer Live and his comments on the matter probably sum up WWE’s mindset (via Ringside News).

“I’d like for them to be there soon. But they did the Superstar Shake-Up and a lot of names came up so it’s better to slowly bring some of them in instead of just throwing them all on tv at the same time and having people lost in the shuffle like Bobby Lashley.”

Therefore it’s probably for the best that WWE holds out on bringing SAnitY to television. They haven’t been working house shows either so who knows what WWE could have in store for us with Young, Dane, and Wolfe when they finally debut on SmackDown Live.

Whatever WWE does needs to be done well because it would be a shame to mess up a group like SAnitY after such a long and incredible run in WWE’s developmental territory.