Mick Foley was riding high in an authority figure role on Monday Night Raw. But he wasn’t having as good of a time as he would’ve liked to. Mick Foley was hurt and had some difficulty getting around. Years of taking extreme bumps to delight fans had taken a toll on The Mickster’s body and he really needed a hip replacement.

Mick Foley was fired from Monday Night Raw as a device to get him off television so he could have the hip replacement surgery that he desperately required. Now the surgery is behind him and it was said to be a great success.

Daughter Noelle Foley visited him to pick up his spirits afterward dressed as Buddy The Elf. Mick Foley’s love of all things Christmas is widely known and it was the perfect costume for a recovering Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy.

Get well soon Mick! Still Real To Us is pulling for you!



WWE has a couple guys earmarked for greatness and Baron Corbin is one of those few. It is said he’s destined for a main event push and it’s only a matter of time before he’s headlining on a regular basis. WWE loves guys with his background and size, and his ability is just a bonus. He’s also a great talker who can draw substantial heat.

The Observer notes Jinder Mahal is getting the push he’s getting right now because WWE is saving Baron Corbin’s ascent to the top for later in the year when they have bigger pay-per-views. So expect him in a title program eventually at the top of the SmackDown card.

There is also talk of changing up Corbin’s character a little bit with possibly new entrance music as well. Honestly, this writer thinks The Lone Wolf’s entrance is just fine. That visual of a city melting under a cloud of black smoke is one of the best usages of WWE’s massive video screens they have going on right now.

Baron Corbin is being groomed for a title program against Randy Orton down the line though. Who knows how far Baron Corbin’s star will rise after that?