Last night Mick Foley was the guest for a live episode of the “Stone Cold Podcast” on the WWE Network. The episode took place from WWE Axxess and Foley talked about his matches in Japan, his relationship with Vince McMahon and his upcoming WWE Network show titled “Holy Foley.” The show will be a reality series that stars the Foley family with the focus being heavily on Mick and Noelle Foley.

Mick brought out his daughter Noelle Foley during the segment and they talked about the show and what fans can expect. They talked about how wrestling is her first love and revealed that the show starts shooting in two weeks. It was also revealed that the show will feature footage of Mick coaching Noelle as she trains to become a WWE Diva. Check it out in the clip below.

WWE unveiled the Dusty Rhodes statue last night at WWE Axxess and it is a pretty awesome looking tribute to The American Dream. After the unveiling Cody Rhodes and his wife Eden commented on the statue and talked about what it means to them. Eden says that to her it was a way to say goodbye to Dusty. Cody Rhodes said that the statue is a celebration of Dusty’s life. He adds that it’s something that won’t break or budge and it’s something that fans will be able to touch and take pictures with for many years to come.  you can see what they had to say in the video clip below.