Noelle Foley has become quite popular among wrestling fans and many people are hoping to see her work for WWE someday. TMZ recently caught up with Noelle and they asked her how good the chances are that she might work for the company. She said that chances are pretty high, but that right now she’s focusing on her modeling career.

When asked if she would pose for Playboy, which is non-nude nowadays, she nodded her head yes. She mentioned that she’s been featured on their website. She talked about the broadcasting work she’s done and says she would be open to doing work for WWE. She continues by saying that she hasn’t had any talks about doing that type of work for WWE but that “something is in the works.”

They also talked to Noelle’s boyfriend Frank the Clown and asked him if Mick Foley is cool with him dating his daughter. Frank said that he’s lucky because the Foley family welcomed him with open arms. You can check it out in the clip above.

On a related note, the happy couple also met former WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg recently. You can check out a photo below.




  1. She’s already the Olivia Munn or Naomi Kyle of Wrestling.. .we are just patiently awaiting the rest of her career. The say Lana’s fizzling out (backstage politik) who knows.