When you’re making really strong statements you need to be responsible with your words. This is why you have to give Jon Bravo credit for making sure everything he said was backed up with facts he found in evidence provided to him.

This story revolves around trainers and other personalities who Rodriguez used to recruit people to become advocates and customers for Wellness Fitness Nutrition which was the name of Richard Rodriguez’s operation. Daniel Puder was even a part-time employee of Rodriguez for a time and recruited many athletes.

Rick Bassman was the man who brought The Ultimate Warrior, Sting, John Cena and so many more to the world and there were records to prove his direct communication with Rodriguez.

Richard Rodriguez said via a telephone call from incarceration that he met Mike and Chris Bell via Stan Efferding who introduced him to several high-profile clients and some were WWE Superstars.

Trainer Chris Cavallini placed 19 orders with WFN and has contact with Sheamus and Jinder Mahal. Although no correlation could be directly made to prove The Celtic Warrior or Modern Day Maharaja used Rodriguez’s products Mahal has praised Cavallini in the past for being instrumental in his physical transformation.

Rodriguez said bodybuilder Bill Grant introduced him to Brock Lesnar and Rick Drasin was the connection in which John Cena and Steve Austin became consumers of his products as well. But in these cases, trainers were buying a lot of products and there’s no way to prove who they were giving them to.

Tony Morris, the inspiration for Magic Mike was also a client of Rodriguez who helped him network as well. Jessie Burdick used Jesse Ventura’s name for his alias and purchased $40,000 worth of products from WFN. Burdick’s celebrity trainer status could bring question regarding where all those products went as well. But since they were purchased through a middle-man to any alleged celebrity, no concrete evidence was found at this point.

Although he might not have been able to prove direct WWE connections at this time, the story doesn’t stop here. Bravo only had access to one of many pieces of technology that Richard Rodriguez used to conduct his business. But the information held on Rodriguez’s laptop was plenty enough to paint a picture of the situation, we just need to additional evidence to fill in all the details.

Rodriguez said he eventually had direct contact via text messages with WWE Superstars and that information is held on devices currently seized for the investigation.

You can watch the whole video below and see the evidence for yourself and while the connections might be there, there isn’t anything creating a solid line of communication between Rodriguez and WWE Superstars yet.

Therefore Bravo admitted that he couldn’t find any direct link between Richard Rodriguez’s operation and Roman Reigns or Mark Wahlberg.

But Bravo said he has spoken to Rodriguez’s attorney and when the evidence is released by the DEA it will be in Bravo’s possession so he can continue this story.