nikki bella

John Cena and Nikki Bella were a wrestling power couple for several years, but they shocked the world when they called off their engagement last year.

Since then Nikki has been exploring the future of her love life, but it seems that she’s just not ready to close the door on the possibility of reuniting with John Cena.

The former WWE Divas Champion recently revealed to Hollywood Life that “the door is always open” and that she and Cena “still talk.”

“I always say that I would be OK [to see John with a new girlfriend], but I think no matter what, it’s always hard to see someone that you loved for so long be with someone else, but I honestly only care about his happiness. I just hope whoever that person is makes him the happiest man on earth because that’s what he deserves. You never know with the future, right? Sometimes people get back together, sometimes they don’t. I guess one day at a time.”

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