roman reigns

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw is going to be huge for Roman Reigns, as The Big Dog will be appearing on the show for the first time since October of 2018.

Last time fans saw Roman Reigns on Raw, he relinquished the Universal Championship and announced to the world that he was taking time off to battle leukemia.

WWE is advertising that Roman will be sharing an update on his health when he returns to Raw tonight.

Roman’s announcement is being kept under wraps, but it seems that WWE could already have future plans for The Big Dog.

Fightful is reporting that a source claimed they expect all three members of The Shield to have a presence at the Fastlane pay-per-view next month, but the significance of that statement wasn’t clarified.

Fans will have a much better idea of what the future holds for Roman Reigns when he appears on Raw in a few hours.

Stay tuned for updates on Roman’s status as they become available.