John Cena recently hosted The Today Show on NBC and he did a great job as always. Nikki Bella was along for the trip and even got to do a segment on the show. She’s turning into a Jill Of All Trades in regards to media appearances. The Bella Twins’ official YouTube channel recently posted a video about the event.

John hosted the 9:00AM hour of the show and his girl Nikki was on as his special guest. Cena didn’t spend much time on the YouTube video because he had to get ready and host a major morning news show.

Nikki talks briefly about how excited she is for WrestleMania and how much she’s looking forward to her tag match with John Cena against Miz and Maryse. WrestleMania is only a week away, and as fans get more and more excited Nikki’s schedule seems to only get busier.

Okay, most of the video happens after The Today Show. At the drop of a hat, Nikki Bella has to be in Virginia for a WWE live show, but those are the breaks of being a WWE Superstar.

Later on in the video Nikki Bella geeks out about making protein shakes. She acts like all of the ingredients are the best things ever and it’s highly entertaining. She says they helped her lose a lot of weight, though, so that’s a good thing.

The best part is when she pulls up a baggie full of some unidentified brown powder that Nikki says is peanut butter flavoring for her shakes. She doesn’t remember the name of the powder so don’t ask her.

Nikki even suggests where you can get a good blender on the road. It looks like she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to shakes. But she didn’t have much time to sit around and enjoy her shake because she seems to always be on the go.