terry funk

We love Terry Funk. He’s a hardcore icon and responsible for so many amazing moments in just about every pro wrestling company that’s ever existed. If you don’t know who he is, please enjoy the film “Beyond The Mat” and really get to know this amazing individual. He’s a wrestling mastermind and has left a trail of barbed wire and thumbtacks behind him.

So many current WWE superstars and Hall Of Famers for that matter owe a great deal to Terry Funk. He’s an inspiration and has an incredible mind for the business.

However, The Funkster is getting up in years. He’s been doing all he can recently and taken some special appearances. But the 72-year-old wrestling legend doesn’t get in the ring anymore. He announced his official retirement at the September 17th House Of Harcore show last year, and so far he’s stuck to it.

Terry Funk would only retire if he needed to though and apparently, things aren’t looking good. They are so bad in fact that he’s had to cancel his appearance at the annual WrestleCon event.

This is really sad and we hope Terry Funk is able to get back in shape and feel better soon. His mind is certainly willing, but it’s only his body that’s failing him. If it were up to him, he’d still be making towns getting down and dirty in the indies.

But WrestleCon will be fine because they still have plenty of people still appearing. They also have special coverage from FITE TV. Al Snow will be the first of several guests expected to take part and you know it’s going to be a good time if Al Snow’s involved.

It’s going to be a great WrestleMania week which will hopefully translate to the WrestleMania event itself.

For more information about WrestleCon and all of the amazing guests still scheduled to be here, you can get all that information here.