Recently Emma has been trying to convince Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to give her opportunities in the women’s division, but last year Emma was handed a huge opportunity with the Emmalina gimmick. For months WWE teased the debut of Emmalina with heavily promoted vignettes, and the promotional strategy became somewhat of a running joke with fans because after a long wait for Emmalina’s debut, it seemed that it would never come.

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When Emmalina finally did debut, she immediately announced that she would be transforming back into Emma. It was later reported that WWE officials called an audible, because they didn’t think Emma was the right fit for the gimmick, and the long wait for Emmalina’s debut ended up being a complete waste of time.

Emma took to Twitter to say that Nia Jax should be thanking her for getting her a match she doesn’t deserve, and Nia fired back by asking Emma if she ever thanked Vince for the 6 months worth of vignettes for the Emmalina gimmick.

John Cena is currently on a collision course with Roman Reigns, as the two WWE Superstars are set to face off at No Mercy in a few weeks.

Last week on Raw, John Cena and Roman Reigns tore the house down with a promo that blurred the lines between reality and kayfabe, and people are still talking about it.

Nikki Bella was recently asked about the promo during an interview with The Mirror, and she noted that she thinks John Cena is the best talent there’s ever been on the mic.

“It was! I absolutely loved it. I even have chills right now thinking about it. One, I think John is absolutely the best talent there has ever been on the mic. I don’t think anyone comes close to him. He just brings this reality to it, every time he is on the mic and you are just like ‘how am I going to hang in here with him?’ He is so quick. I think that is what has made him an amazing actor, especially with comedy, his improv is unreal. He knows how to interact with a live crowd and however a live crowd is feeling, he knows how to turn a crowd. To me I just watch him and I am in awe. I think it’s time for him and Roman to be in that ring and to say what they have said. I loved it.”