finn balor

Finn Balor is currently a member of the Raw roster, and fans are looking forward to his match with Bray Wyatt at No Mercy in a few weeks because there’s a good chance that Finn will unleash the Demon once again. The Demon has become one of the most interesting aspects of Finn Balor’s television persona, and it’s hard to deny that the Demon’s entrance is one of the most impressive in all of WWE.

Prior to Finn’s arrival in WWE, and before the Demon was known as the Demon, Balor came up with the idea to wear body paint, but one person close to him tried to talk him out of it. Balor revealed during a recent interview with Al Arabiya that his friend, and current WWE Superstar Karl Anderson tried to tell him not to wear the paint, but luckily Finn didn’t listen.

“Honestly, the first time the Demon came, and it wasn’t referred to as the Demon at that point—I just wanted to use body paint.” says Balor. “The first time I did that, I said to my best friend [WWE Superstar and fellow NJPW alum] Karl Anderson that I’m going to do this thing. I explained to him what I was doing and he said, ‘do not do that, you’re going to be laughed out of the building.’”

Balor also went on to explain that the creative process for bringing the Demon to life is different every time.

“What happens is, on the morning—it’s like art. You can’t predict how you’re going to paint the painting in advance. If I’m going to draw something, I don’t know the day before what I’m going to draw. It’s just very much an interpretation of how I’m feeling that day, and what I think is the coolest thing in my brain at that very moment. I’ll have a couple concepts here and there, maybe I’ll do this, maybe I’ll do that, but the actual decision won’t come until about 6 o’clock when I sit down and start getting painted.”

Finn Balor will face Bray Wyatt at No Mercy on September 24 live on the WWE Network, and you can check out the updated card below.

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