We here at Still Real To Us have been keeping close tabs on the betting odds on who is slated to win the Royal Rumble match, and there has been another update to this story. For a short time Braun Stowman was the favorite, then The Undertaker, then Goldberg, and now it’s the Viper Randy Orton.

It was recently reported that there is no plan for either current champion to walk into WrestleMania with their championships, therefore this led many to assume that there will be a title change at some point before WrestleMania 33. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Bray Wyatt is in line for a World Title run in the near future, and that could come as soon as Elimination Chamber.

At this point it looks like the planned pairing in Orlando on April 2nd is Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt. This led many to do the simple math and project Orton as the winner this Sunday.

Randy is currently listed at -138 betting odds to come out of Sunday with a Royal Rumble victory, his closest competition being The Undertaker is listed at +400. There is indeed, a lot of separation between those two numbers.

Taker is most likely listed as the second because current plans call for him to go against Roman Reigns at Mania, and Reigns has the opportunity to come away with the Universal title in San Antonio.

Goldberg rounds out the top three with +450 odds, which is slightly less than The Dead Man, but it is undeniable what the bookies are thinking will happen this Sunday.

If you bet, please remember that WWE’s course is ultimately decided by Vince McMahon so nothing can be held as certainty.

Please bet responsibly. Don’t lose your shirt on a predetermined sports entertainment event, because nobody’s landlord is going to look favorably at not getting their money on Wednesday because Vince had a wild hair and decided to change his WrestleMania plans.

For what it’s worth, Kenny Omega is still sitting at +5000 odds of winning sharing the same odds as Cesaro and Kofi Kingston.