mr. kennedy

Ken Anderson was once a WWE Superstar, and he was known to fans all around the world as Mr. Kennedy. After joining the WWE main roster in 2005, he quickly gained the attention of the fans thanks to his ring entrance during which he would introduce himself.

Mr. Kennedy’s entrance was impossible to ignore, as he just had the type of voice that forced you to listen.

That’s why it makes perfect sense that Ken Anderson is now a ring announcer for Top Rank Boxing in Fresno, CA. Anderson made his debut with the company during last Saturday’s event which aired on ESPN.

It seems that Anderson is putting his voice to good use, and he’s also been busy running his pro wrestling school in Minneapolis, MN.

If you’re one of those fans who misses seeing Mr. Kennedy yell out his own name during his entrance, then you’ll be happy to see he still knocks it out of the park when it comes to announcements, and you can check out a clip of him announcing for the Top Rank event below.


  1. Dana White needs to HIRE this man. Buffer is a legend, but as of late is becoming more and more clownish during the intro’s. Kennedy can be the successor that brings edge back to the entertainment/hype value and get the crowd involved.