Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Then again, when you have so many unpredictable forces at work in the same ring, sometimes it’s hard to control anything. This was certainly the case when NXT rolled into Austin just days before the epic WarGames match. Even though the cage won’t have a ceiling (YEAH, I KNOW!), that match is sure to be something to see. Therefore it was no surprise to see The Undisputed Era tangled with SAnity in Austin on the way to the big show.

But something went wrong during the match and Adam Cole suffered a pretty graphic injury. He was busted wide open and bled like a stuck pig for a little bit. It was a pretty nasty scene, to say the least, and thanks to the marvels of modern-day technology we can all witness the gore too! Yay, internet!

It’s a pretty strange sight to see blood in a match anymore due to WWE’s strict PG Era no-blood policy but it makes me really think back on the Attitude Era when guys were slicing themselves open on a weekly basis just to add a little drama and color to the match, segment, or spot. But this was not planned and WWE’s expert medical staff was on it pronto. Therefore, don’t worry because Adam Cole is okay.

The Undisputed Era went on to win and the crowd was very happy to see Cole all cleaned up by the end of the match. But it certainly looked scary for a bit.

I’m willing to bet this will give Adam Cole, even more, fuel as he heads towards WarGames. It will be a pretty ground-breaking match as the first official WarGames match under a WWE banner, so they’ve got to really bring it. After all, some pro wrestling purists are already coming down on the match for the alterations WWE has made to the rules, team numbers, and the cage itself. Let’s just hope it’s still two wrestling rings side by side.



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