wwe 2k18

Very soon fans of the WWE 2K series will be able to play WWE 2K18, and the roster is loaded with wrestlers from the current roster, NXT and names from the past. Now a few more names have been confirmed for WWE 2K18 as WWE has announced that Drew McIntyre, Ruby Riot, Elias and The Hardys will be part of the WWE 2K18 DLC.

Sunday night John Cena and Roman Reigns faced off in the ring at No Mercy, and when it was all said and done Roman managed to put Cena away after he hit him with a Superman Punch and a spear then pinned him clean in the middle of the ring.

Nikki Bella recently spoke to Fox News about her run on Dancing With The Stars, and she commented on the match saying that she felt like John Cena passed the torch.

“What I like is last night I really felt like he passed the torch and he’s found that one guy, Roman Reigns, that can really do what he does and just like what The Rock did for John and Stone Cold [Steve Austin] did for them and so last night, I think we witnessed the torch being passed on.”

After the pay-per-view John Cena appeared on Raw Talk and he got emotional while talking about his career but he said that he’s not done. When asked if John is going to retire, Nikki Bella said she doesn’t think he’ll ever retire.

“I honestly don’t think he’ll ever retire. I think he’ll do that until his body won’t allow him to.”