Bully Ray took a lot of damage through his amazing career. After his run with The Dudley Boyz in ECW and WWE, he went to TNA and had a long run with Team 3D. Even though he wasn’t in WWE anymore that didn’t mean he was done.

But all that might have changed for Bully Ray at ROH’s Death Before Dishonor. After a rather nice six-man tag match, his partners the Briscoe Brothers turned on Bully. They struck him in the head with a table and it was a nasty shot.

It turns out Bully Ray might have suffered a concussion and he had to be hospitalized following the event. There has been no shortage of support flowing toward Bully Ray and he thanked fans for all of their kind words.

Bully Ray really is an amazing human being and I had the pleasure of seeing him just recently at a Remix Pro Wrestling’s Throwdown For The Pound 16. But things didn’t turn out too well for Bully following the ROH PPV and our thoughts are with him right now as he recuperates.

Now Bully Ray is saying his career might be over which is never a good thing. He opened up about it on Busted Open Radio where he said his doctors are telling him to stay away from loud noises and getting excited. He then admitted he’s so unsure about the situation that he’s “so much so that I’m not even sure if my career should continue.”

Since The Undertaker’s encounter with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, it’s been rumored The Deadman has wrestled his last match.

But there are always rumblings of a potential return of The Phenom and WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently discussed the current situation during a Q&A by saying: “The Undertaker matter is really very simple until he says that he’s officially finished, then he isn’t. Case closed.”

Hearing that kind of thing from someone who not only knows The Undertaker but Vince McMahon very well is a promising thing to hear. Especially if you’d like to see a return of the Deadman.

There’s still plenty of time until the Road To WrestleMania. Things might get very interesting soon enough.