big cass

On Tuesday WWE made a big announcement when it was revealed that Big Cass had been released from his WWE contract.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Cass had backstage heat after he defied company orders during an episode of SmackDown Live last month when he beat down a little person dressed up as Daniel Bryan.

Cass was instructed to hit the little person with a big boot, which he did, but then he started throwing punches after he was instructed not to.

Original plans for his feud with Daniel Bryan didn’t include losing to the former World Heavyweight Champion via submission on two pay-per-views in a row.

Vince McMahon fired Big Cass in a meeting before SmackDown Live this week in Toledo.

There was a lot of heat regarding a promo that Big Cass cut after he blew off a rehearsal for the promo that Kevin Dunn asked for, and the promo went long on TV. Vince hated the promo and fired the person who wrote it a few weeks ago.

Cass also knocked down a bathroom down on a bus during the European tour because he thought he was getting pranked after he ended up getting locked inside due to a malfunction with the door.

It’s also being reported that Cass made enemies a few years back after he defended Donald Trump during an argument with Sami Zayn about treatment of Muslims, but the argument didn’t have anything to do with him being fired.

Big Cass wasn’t wished the best in his future endeavors when he was released because the company was unhappy with him.

Independent wrestling promoters are said to be interested in reuniting Enzo and Big Cass.