Over the past few weeks Moose has been a hot topic as everyone’s been wondering which wrestling promotion he was going to sign with. Last night all of the questions were answered when Moose made his TNA debut.

Moose debuted during the main event when he made his way to the ring to disrupt the Champion vs. Champion match by attacking just about everyone that wasn’t Mike Bennett. The match ended due to Moose’s interference but Dixie Carter later announced that Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards will face off again next week with both titles on the line in six sides of steel.

According to PWInsider Moose has signed a two year deal with TNA and he will be working 110 dates for the company. TNA kept Moose away from Universal Studios for most of the day and he didn’t arrive at the Impact Zone until shortly before his debut.

Moose commented on his debut noting that in TNA his new finisher will be known as The GameBreaker


He also welcomed everyone to Moose Nation.


You can check out a video clip of Moose’s debut below.