The New Day have been the reigning and defending WWE Tag Team Champions since last year’s SummerSlam event and have since broken the record for the longest reigning champions when their two reigns are added together after beating the record that was previously held by Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

The trio that consists of former United States Champion Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods has become one of the most talked about groups in WWE currently since they took a gimmick that was handed to them by the company and managed to become the most over group on the roster.

The New Day have reigned their division for almost a year now and have managed to fight off all who have stepped up to them, but it seems that finally WWE could have found a way to keep them looking strong and finally be knocked off their throne.

WWE want to welcome in the New Era and allow many more NXT tag teams to make their way up to the main roster but they also need to keep their current roster looking strong and the fatal-four-way that was announced last night on Raw could be the perfect way to do this.

The Vaudevillians already had their shot at the Tag Team Championships back at Extreme Rules but they have been put back into the match whilst Enzo and Cass finally have a shot at the titles after Enzo’s concussion at Payback cost them the chance to move on to fight for the titles last month.

The only newcomers in this match are the hard hitting duo made up of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows otherwise known as The Club. They are obviously going into this match as favorites and since the Tag Team Champions don’t actually have to be pinned in order to lose their titles, it could easily open up a long term feud between The Club and The New Day.

That being said, AJ Styles and John Cena’s feud seems to be heating up and involving both Anderson and Gallows so the likelihood is that they wont be lifting the tag team titles whilst they are still a part of this kind of feud. This leaves The Vaudevillians and Enzo and Cass, as previously stated The Vaudevillians already had their shot at the titles last month so perhaps WWE are thinking of putting the titles on Enzo and Cass.

It was reported that WWE were extremely happy with Cass when he was working solo during Enzo’s month off after his concussion. Many thought that this could mean that the duo could be set to split, but it seems Cass needs to work on his promo ability some more before he is ready for a main event push.

It would be interesting to see if WWE would put the titles on Enzo and Cass especially after they failed to do so down in NXT but it would be a good idea for WWE to allow Enzo and Cass to win the titles without pinning the actual champions.

The build up to a match between The New Day and the exciting former NXT duo would be incredible for the WWE Universe to see and it would add some excitement to the division as well as allowing the new era to fight with the old.

WWE usually make a multi-person tag team title match around this time of the year and it was actually the way The New Day won the titles back at SummerSlam, when they defeated reigning Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players, The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores in Brooklyn. Given this theory, it seems to be WWE’s easiest way of moving the title around which means that the other two contenders in the match could just be there to make up numbers.

There is no doubt that The New Day are the most exciting team in WWE currently and it would be incredibly stupid to even consider breaking them apart, but it is time for them to drop the titles to someone else and help prolong their run at the top of the ladder, otherwise WWE are in real risk of allowing one of their best assets to become stale before their time.