MJF spent several months sitting on the sidelines after he cut a scathing promo on Tony Khan during the June 1st episode of Dynamite. He finally made his big return at all out when he was handed the poker chip after the Casino Ladder Match. MJF now has a guaranteed shot at the AEW World Championship, but that hasn’t stopped him from teasing a jump to WWE.

For some time now MJF has teased that he could end up signing with WWE in 2024 when his AEW contract expires, and he was recently spotted with SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan at a birthday party.

Recently MJF confirmed that he signed a new deal with WWE that did not include a contract extension, and he teased that he will go wherever the money is in the future when he said the following:

“Here’s the deal. A lot of people think I’m leaning towards one place or the other. Here’s what I’m leaning towards. Money. That’s all I care about, that’s what I live for. That’s what I live and die by.

So I go where the money’s at. Whoever is going to offer me the most amount of money, that’s where I’m gonna go. That could be anywhere. Hell, if there’s some financial backer out there that wants to start his own wrestling company and use me as the figurehead, that’s where I’ll go. It’s that simple. All I care about is money.”

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.