The Miz recently made the jump from SmackDown Live to Raw, and he’s also been busy promoting his new movie “The Marine 5: Homefront” which seems to be selling well on DVD. Miz is one of the top stars in WWE, and according to him he’s also a movie star as well.

Miz recently spoke to Uproxx about “The Marine 5” and he was asked what his dream project would be, and he noted that he wants to appear in a Marvel or DC film.

“My dream project? I mean, I think anyone’s dream project right now is how amazing the Marvel/DC comic book era is really coming together and really blowing up the scene. Anytime you have a movie, it’s breaking records, it’s doing great things, so obviously I’d want a Marvel character. Obviously, Deadpool is already taken and Ryan Reynolds did an absolutely fantastic job. That was always my dream role ever since I saw the video game seven years ago, I was like “Oh my god, I want to play this guy!” But, Ryan Reynolds took it and knocked it out of the park and did an absolutely incredible job, so I can’t fault him at all. But I think anyone would want to do Marvel or DC, maybe WWE can combine with them and do something, but you never know.”

Since Deadpool is obviously taken and it doesn’t look like Ryan Reynolds will be giving up the role anytime soon, The Miz was forced to choose another comic book character, and he chose Booster Gold.

“Yeah, I mean a lot of the main ones are kind of taken. I’ve always wanted to play Booster Gold. Do you know who he is?”

If you could see The Miz play any comic book character in a Marvel or DC film who would it be? Sound off in the comments below.