Maryse recently posted a video of herself doing a somersault. She was trying to tell her husband that she wants to be a kid too. It was amusing that Maryse included a hashtag that’s rarely used. Maybe she’s trying to start something. We could totally get into #ICanBeAKidToo where people just do childish stuff like like ride a tricycle or laugh at Adam Sandler movies.

You might wonder why Maryse was sending a message like that to her husband. Well, Mike The Miz Mazanin has been learning a little bit more about technology lately. Miz figured out how to make his workout seem even more epic. He can now insert a huge orchestrated symphony to play in the background of his gym videos.

Obviously, Maryse didn’t see the benefit of Miz being able to do that. But we certainly do.

Just watch Miz whip those ropes into shape and now try and imagine it without that amazing score behind it. See, it’s much less impressive now right?

The Miz and Maryse are in the middle of a very exciting time in their life. Some cast members on Total Divas are getting married, having their first baby, or leaving WWE entirely. But Maryse is enjoying the release of her first movie with her husband.

The Marine 5: Battleground is out and plenty of copies are being sold. Being part of this kind of successful film has to be exciting. We’d probably be doing somersaults too.

Zack Ryder is out of action rehabbing a knee injury right now. So he has plenty of time to enjoy The Marine 5. The only problem is he says whenever he tried to buy the movie, it was sold out everywhere he went.

So he settled for the digital version. It’s okay though because the digital version is still in HD.