matt hardy

Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE and won the Raw Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 33 a few weeks ago, and they defended the belts against Cesaro and Sheamus Sunday night at WWE Payback.

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The Hardys successfully defended their titles, and after the match everything appeared to be cool, but Sheamus and Cesaro decided to attack the Raw Tag Team Champions, and Matt Hardy has not responded well to their actions. During the match Sheamus also knocked one of Jeff Hardy’s teeth out, and he took to Twitter to gloat about the damage he did.

Unfortunately for Sheamus, Matt Hardy says that he has no idea what he’s just done.

Matt even took things to the next level when he threatened to eat Sheamus.

The Hardys have been on friendly terms with Sheamus and Cesaro over the past weeks, bot according to Matt Hardy, the show of good sportsmanship is “OVAH!”

Sheamus and Cesaro appeared on Raw Talk after Payback, and Sheamus said he got goosebumps when The Hardys returned, but this is now, and they’re the future. Cesaro added that people are happy that The Hardys are back because they remember them from the past. but the future is now. They both said “we don’t raise the bar, we are the bar,” before ending the segment.