jeff hardy

The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, and they won the Raw Tag Team Titles on their first night back. Fans are thrilled that The Hardys have come home, and they’ve forced all of the teams in the WWE tag team division to step up their game as of late.

A few weeks ago Sheamus and Cesaro earned the right to challenge Matt and Jeff Hardy for the Raw Tag Team Titles, and the brothers defended their belts against Cesaro and Sheamus at WWE Payback on Sunday night.

The match was action packed, and Matt Hardy teased his Broken Matt character throughout as the crowd chanted “Brother Nero” at Jeff Hardy. Jeff always gives it his all each and every time he steps into the ring, and this match was no exception.

Unfortunately for Jeff, things got a little too extreme, as he ended up losing a tooth during the match. Luckily for Jeff, The Hardy Boyz didn’t lose the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Jeff Hardy took a brutal kick from Sheamus and it looks like that’s what ended up knocking his tooth out.

The end of the match came when Sheamus threw Matt Hardy into the ropes, but Jeff made the tag. Sheamus didn’t realize Jeff was the legal man, and he slammed Matt down on the mat then tried to pin him.

While Sheamus was trying to pin Matt, Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb from the top on Sheamus to win the match.

After the match Matt and Jeff Hardy celebrated in the ring, and Sheamus and Cesaro then attacked them and turned heel.