matt hardy

After Monday Night Raw this week, Matt Hardy is a changed man. After Hardy was defeated by Bray Wyatt in the middle of the ring, he started showing signs of his old “broken” self, and wrestling fans rejoiced. It appears that big things are coming for Matt and that his “CONDISHTION” has returned.

When Matt was at the peak of his Broken Matt Hardy run, he continuously told fans that he was fighting The Great War, and now Matt has announced that The Great War is just beginning in WWE, and he’s recruiting loyal soldiers.

After months of watching The Hardys revert to their old Team Xtreme gimmick, it sure is nice to see Matt heading in this direction.

Following his outburst on Monday night, it was recently reported that a new character is being created for Matt Hardy in WWE. According to the report, he won’t be Broken Matt, but the character will be very similar.

Matt Hardy has spent most of 2017 battling with Impact Wrestling over the rights to the gimmick, but ironically enough the company recently released a statement saying that new agreements will allow former talents to keep their gimmicks once they leave, and existing agreements will be amended to include that same stipulation.