broken matt hardy

In April Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 and captured the Raw Tag Team Titles. Fans had been anxiously awaiting the return of The Hardy Boyz, and many fans around the world were hoping that we would see Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero wrestle inside a WWE ring.

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Unfortunately due to the legal battle with Impact Wrestling, the rights to the Broken Universe seem to be up in the air. However, the popularity of the Broken Universe hasn’t died down at all, and fans are still using terms such as “delete” and “obsolete” every chance they get.

One fan who clearly can’t let go of the Broken Universe is the person who runs the official Wendy’s Twitter account.

A few months ago a fan asked Wendy’s if they would create a Broken Brilliance burger, and they said that first they must “delete the frozen beef patties from obsolete restaurants.”

Well it’s been months since Wendy’s made that claim, and a fan decided to reach out on Twitter and ask when the fast food chain plans to “delete” the competition. Wendy’s then responded by saying that Senor Benjamin must be called, as the battlefield is in need of preparation.

It’s a good thing that Matt Hardy is generous, because he has declared that he will allow Senor Benjamin to assist Wendy’s in their great war.

So what’s going to be on this Broken Brilliance burger? Why of course green beans must be included. They are a delicacy after all. But there will be no mustard allowed on this burger.

If all goes well, hopefully a Broken Brilliance burger topped with green beans with be coming to a Wendy’s near you in the future.

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