Gregory Shane Helms has had an impressive career in the world of professional wrestling, and last year he decided to join the Broken Universe for Total Nonstop Deletion.

Total Nonstop Deletion was an entire episode of Impact Wrestling that was filmed completely at the Hardy compound in North Carolina, and Helms says that although it wasn’t fun to film because it was cold, he did say that it was fun to watch.

“It wasn’t fun to film, it was fun once it came out. We were freezing our asses off when we filmed that. My hat’s off to Trevor and Andrew cause they were in their trunks. Of course they wanted to be in clothes, and I told them ‘it’s not funny if you’re in clothes, it’s funny if you’re in gear out here in these woods fighting.'”

Helms has a long history with Matt and Jeff Hardy, and the brothers are currently in a legal battle with Impact Wrestling over the rights to the Broken Universe. When asked about the future of the gimmick, Helms noted that he hopes the situation will get worked out eventually.

“As a friend and as a fan; I hope so. And trust me I understand, I can’t go on TNA and call myself ‘The Hurricane’ because I did that in WWE and they own that property. As my understanding I’m not certain that Matt had that same contract with TNA. TNA’s contracts are a little bit more relaxed which is why guys like working there. You’re not under the handcuff that the WWE contracts can be sometimes. Anything you do in WWE they own completely, so sometimes that’s a little bit restricting creatively with what you wanna do if you have any kind of outside projects or anything. Like I said, I’m not sure what the legality of it is. But hopefully it will work out and it will eventually just be done with.”

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