broken matt hardy

Everyone’s talking about Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero right now because their contracts with Impact Wrestling recently expired and they’re now free agents. The Broken Hardys have become one of the most unique and popular acts in all of professional wrestling and they owe much of their success to the 7 Deities.

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Over the past few months the 7 Deities have given Broken Matt Hardy the knowledge and abilities he needed to craft his Broken Universe. He has the power to delete people, he has the power to see the future and recently with the help of Vanguard 1, the Broken Hardys have been teleporting as they procure tag team titles on their Expedition of Gold.

At midnight on March 1st, Matt and Jeff Hardy’s Impact Wrestling contracts officially became obsolete and Broken Matt took to Twitter to let the world know that the 7 Deities have granted him even more abilities.

Broken Matt Hardy’s power is undeniable and his new abilities will likely give non-believers even more reason to fear him.

Now that Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero are officially free, the world is waiting to see what they will do next.