broken matt hardy

A few years ago Broken Matt Hardy was all the rage in the world of professional wrestling, and The Broken Hardys helped put Impact Wrestling back in the map.

Throughout the Broken Era in Impact fans saw some interesting matches take place at the Hardy compound, one of which was called Tag Team Apocalypto.

Matt Hardy was obsessed with deleting things during his run with Impact, and Impact social media producer Garrett Kidney recently noted on Twitter that at one point there was a plan for him to delete the entire company.

The idea was for Matt to delete the company so that they could rebrand, and Matt confirmed the idea was pitched when he responded to the tweet saying, “This is true.”

Impact Wrestling is a company that has been rebooted countless times at this point, but ultimately Matt and Jeff Hardy parted ways with the company months later in March of 2017 and they went on to return to WWE at WrestleMania 33.

Jeff Hardy currently wrestles for WWE while Matt is signed to AEW.