There’s no denying that WWE has gone through some major changes behind the scenes over the last few years, and the behind the scenes situation has also led to some changes in front of the camera as well.

It seems that WWE is giving performers more freedom on the microphone as Jinder Mahal recently explained on Gorilla Position that some of his recent promos were mostly what he wanted to say.

“Those two promos that I had, one with The Rock and one with Seth Rollins, a lot of that was what I kind of wanted to say and I was giving the freedom of some level which was awesome. You’ve got to trust the performers. We are each individual we bring different things, and let everybody shine, right? It’s an exciting time for WWE, it’s an exciting time to be a WWE performer.”

Nowadays it also seems that WWE is more willing to adjust creative plans to give the fans what they want, and Jinder indicated that he thinks this trend will continue moving forward.

“I really believe the WWE Universe, our fans, are going to dictate what happens a lot more on our show now. In the past sometimes when WWE was stuck in its ways, this is the direction we are going no matter, however, the crowd is going to react, they’re going to react.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.