matt hardy

Matt Hardy has had a great career in the professional wrestling business, and he’s found a lot of success working as a tag team with his brother Jeff.

However, Jeff Hardy isn’t the only wrestler who Matt has won championship gold with, and during a recent interview with Zerxes Wadia, Matt revealed that other than Brother Nero, Bray Wyatt is his favorite partner.

“I would say my favorite tag-team partner other than Brother Nero would be the Consumer of Terrestrial Entities, that would be Bray Wyatt. As far as favorite title reign, that’s a very hard question. They are all very meaningful. I would say the one where we (Brother Nero) returned to the 33rd edition of WrestleMania. It was very special because that was a magical moment.”

When asked about his most formidable opponent, Matt chose his brother and praised him for being durable.

“Brother Nero. When we are together as a team we make magic, but as opposition, he is a very hard person to handle. His vessel is very durable. He’s been doing all of these insane spots and things for over a quarter of a century. He may be indestructible.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.