matt hardy

The Hardys’ battle with Impact Wrestling over the rights to the Broken Universe was absolutely brutal, and it seems that a great deal of their efforts in 2017 were focused on procuring the rights to the gimmick.

But a few weeks ago Impact Wrestling released a statement saying they would no longer be requiring talents to sign over the rights to their gimmicks, and that they would be amending existing agreements allowing talents to use certain gimmicks when they leave the company.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is now reporting that The Hardys and Impact have reached a mutual agreement which will allow the brothers to use their Broken Universe characters in the future, but the exact terms of the deal are unknown at this time.

One way or another it seems that The Great War between The Hardys and Impact is over, as Matt Hardy recently posted a picture of himself shaking hands with Impact President Ed Nordholm.

Matt Hardy has been working as Woken Matt Hardy in WWE, but at least he has now secured the rights to the Broken Matt Hardy character so that he will be free to use it in the future.

It’s been a long brutal battle, but in the end it looks like the situation worked out for both sides.