woken matt hardy

Matt Hardy’s battle with Impact Wrestling over the rights to the Broken Universe was one of the hottest stories of 2017, and it was pretty brutal for both sides. House Hardy and Impact threw plenty of jabs back and forth on social media, but the situation is very different now.

Matt is currently working as Woken Matt Hardy in WWE, and Impact Wrestling released a statement a few weeks ago saying they will no longer be pursuing legal action against wrestlers who take gimmicks with them when they leave Impact.

It truly appears that the war is over between Matt and Impact, and Woken Matt recently took to Twitter to announce that Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm has joined the side of light in The Great War.

Hardy even proved that the hatchet has been buried by posting a picture of himself shaking hands with Nordholm.

After everything that went down between the two sides, it didn’t seem that we would ever see the day when Hardy and Nordholm would be on good terms, but it’s nice to know that this story has a happy ending.