matt hardy

Fans have been waiting for a long time to see Broken Matt Hardy in WWE, and Monday night Hardy dropped hints that a big character change is coming. After losing to Bray Wyatt on Raw, Matt started frantically doing the “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” chant complete with the arm motions, and he later took to Twitter to say that his “CONDISHTION” has been “WOKEN.”

It was recently reported that Matt Hardy has been going through the legal steps to trademark the Broken Matt Hardy character, but over the past few months he’s also teased the emergence of Woken Matt Hardy.

It seems that Matt is hinting at a big character change, and judging from his Twitter profile, he seems to be hinting that he’s transformed into Woken Matt Hardy.

Of course we’ve seen teases like this before that haven’t amounted to much. But with WWE acknowledging that there’s been a “change” in Matt, it seems that WWE officials may finally be ready to pull the trigger on the next evolution of Matt Hardy.