broken matt hardy

Matt Hardy has “awoken.” This week on Monday Night Raw, fans saw what appeared to be the reemergence of Broken Matt Hardy, or at least a character very similar to Broken Matt, and he’s been teasing that The Great War is coming to WWE.

Hardy is now gathering loyal soldiers to fight in The Great War, and Vanguard 1 was recently reactivated.

Now Matt has taken things one step further by declaring that The Great War has indeed begun, and he called on another familiar name to join the battle.

That’s right, Senor Benjamin returns in Matt’s latest YouTube video, and even though we only see a glimpse of our hero in the video, it’s enough.

Matt Hardy released a video showing himself in what appears to be the Dome of Deletion as Senor Benjamin hands him his old coat of battle. Check it out below.

On Twitter Matt officially broke the news that The Great War has begun.

WWE officials seem to be moving full steam ahead with a new iteration of the Broken Matt Hardy character, so if you’re a fan of the character then you definitely don’t want to miss Raw on Monday.